Magnetic Math Cylinder - Cool EduPLAYtion for kids!

Magnetic Math Cylinder - Cool EduPLAYtion for kids!

Magnetic Math Cylinder - Cool EduPLAYtion for kids!

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  • Stimulates an early interest in mathematics
  • A great way to motivate your kid to do math
  • Makes mathematics FUN & Addictive!!
  • Addition, Subtraction, Division & Multiplication
  • Enhances higher-level cognitive functions
  • Early development of problem-solving skills
  • Increases your child's ability to pay attention
  • Builds Self-esteem & Self-confidence in kids
  • Toddler Safe!  NO choking hazard
  • Excellently designed to rotate smoothly - easy for kids to manipulate.
  • Includes 6 x Magnetic pieces that gently click together and rotate without falling apart.
  • Many people order two sets and join them together to enable more than 100,000 complex mathematical equations.
  • An excellent learning toy for children aged 1 - 15 years. 

Unfortunately, most kids fear math as they get the impression that it's difficult.  This fear evolves into avoidance, which often creates a negative chain reaction that snowballs from a young age.  Thankfully this math toy was invented and it's already building children's interest and confidence in mathematics.

Amazingly, just one set of this innovative math toy teaches children the top 324 most important mathematical sums that they will need to know in life!   Just one set includes the top 4 operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, with a maximum count of 9 on each side. Order two sets if you'd like to enable your child to play with more than 100,000 combinations of maths sums, including the ability to play with simple 'triple-digit' math sums.

This math game opens up your child's interest in more complex problem-solving mathematical equations. How?  Because it's an easy problem-solving toy that makes it relatively simple for children to achieve success every-time they play with it.  It's the early memories of success (those little wins) that build confidence in themselves, motivating them to challenge themselves in more complex ways.  This proves to be very encouraging for children, and it's a proven psychological fact that kids thrive on encouragement

Playing with this Math Game significantly improves childrens higher intellectual processes including Logic, Evaluation, Problem-solving skills and spatial thinking ability, just to name a few!

Bottom line: This is a very cool little EduPLAYtional toy for kindergarten and primary school children that makes it possible for them to actually play with the most feared subject in school, MATHEMATICS. When kid's PLAY with Education, that's EduPLAYtion!


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